4th International Symposium for Emerging Researchers in Composites for Infrastructure (ISERCI 2023)

17-18 August 2023
Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia


The 4th International Symposium for Emerging Researchers in Composites for Infrastructure (ISERCI 2023) will be hosted jointly by School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment, Centre for Infrastructure Engineering, and Urban Transformations Research Centre at Western Sydney University. The inaugural, 2nd, and 3rd ISERCIs were held at the University of Wollongong (2017), Tsinghua University (2018), and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (2019), respectively. Due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19, this symposium was suspended and will be re-launched in 2023.

The use of composite materials in infrastructure has increased tremendously over the past two decades, primarily for the strengthening of existing structures but also increasingly for the construction of new structures. The ISERCI series aims to provide an international forum for upcoming researchers/practitioners and rising stars in the area to share their recent advances in both research and practice, and to explore research/industry partnership opportunities.

This ISERCI symposium will be held after the International Summer School on Composites in Infrastructure (ISSCI 2023), which will be hosted at Western Sydney University. The ISSCI, to be taught by a strong team of experts, aims to prepare researchers and postgraduate students for high-quality research in the area, and to prepare engineers for practical applications.

Organising Committee


Cheng Jiang, Western Sydney University, Australia

Shishun Zhang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Members (In alphabetical order):

Western Sydney University

Olivia Mirza, Pejman Sharafi, Wenchi Shou, Vivian Tam, Zhong Tao, Jun Wang, Leo Zhang, Yixia (Sarah) Zhang.

University of Technology Sydney

Jun Li, Wengui Li

University of Wollongong:

Muhammad Hadi


Wenzhai Bi, Ayman Elshorbagi, Mingxue Ma, Yijun Zhou

International Scientific Committee


Tao Yu, Peng Feng

Members (In alphabetical order):

Guang-Ming Chen, Wensu Chen, João R. Correia, Dilum Fernando, Cheng Jiang, Jia-Fei Jiang, Yail Jimmy Kim, Denvid Lau, Jun Li, Wengui Li, Guan Lin, Susanna Lin, Fidelis Mashiri, Olivia Mirza, Nicola Nisticò, Togay Ozbakkaloglu, Thong Pham, Kai Qian, Maria Rashidi, Theodoros Rousakis, Baolin Wan, Zhenyu Wang, Xin Wang, Yi Wang, Tianyu Xie, Fei Xu, Qian-Qian Yu, Jun-Jie Zeng, Deju Zhu, Ying-Wu Zhou, Shishun Zhang, Xihong Zhang, Yu Zheng, and Ao Zhou.


The following topics will be covered by ISERCI 2023:

  • Composite materials and structures
  • FRP materials and products
  • Interfacial and bond issues
  • All FRP structures
  • Hybrid structures
  • Life-cycle and sustainability
  • FRP reinforced concrete structures
  • FRP for strengthening and retrofit of structures
  • Health monitoring
  • Smart structures
  • Aging and durability
  • Code and design guidelines
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Green and natural composites
  • Extreme loading
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Non-destructive techniques
  • Experimental investigation
  • Theoretical investigation
  • Numerical simulation
  • Case studies and applications
  • Textile reinforced concrete

Further information

Dr. Cheng Jiang

Western Sydney University

E-mail: cheng.jiang@westernsydney.edu.au

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