Student’s Rights and Responsibilities

Students have a right to:

  • seek information about disability support services prior to enrolling, in order to facilitate the transition to further education
  • discuss education related adjustments in relation to their disability
  • discuss the core academic and practical requirements of the course and how they will manage this
  • discuss their educational needs and supports in a non-judgmental environment that respects their rights to have input into the educational process
  • information about what happens to personal information and disability specific information that the institution collects about them
  • information about existing disability support services and education related adjustments that they may access during their course
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • work collaboratively with staff to identify disability specific support needs required in the education environment.

Students have a responsibility to:

  • investigate and fully understand the academic and practical requirements of the course they hope to undertake or are enrolling in. There may be appropriate adjustments that can be made to enable the student to fulfil the requirements of the course
  • investigate registration board core requirements with professional or authorising bodies if a student is planning to undertake a course to obtain a particular career
  • be aware that disclosing prior to enrolment does not remove their responsibility to disclose on the enrolment form, or contact the disability support unit once they enrol, if they want to receive disability specific support.