Offer of Employment

An offer of employment by an employer provides an opportunity for applicants to comfortably discuss and negotiate employment issues before accepting the position. For an applicant with a disability, discussion and negotiation of disability specific requirements may need to occur at the time when the position of employment is offered.

Disclosure of disability when a job offer has been made provides a safe period for the applicant to discuss disability issues without jeopardising their ability to demonstrate their skills and aptitude required to do the job.

Disclosure information presented to the appropriate person when offered a position of employment may include:

  • what the disability is
  • why the applicant has chosen to disclose their disability
  • how the disability and life experiences may positively impact on the position
  • the type of work related adjustments required
  • using examples of how work related adjustments have benefited the applicant in previous positions of employment, education environment and/or other experiences

It is important for applicants to identify the right person to disclose to. The most appropriate person to disclose a disability could be the employer, supervisor, human resources and/or equity representative. The person who has offered the position of employment may not necessarily be the appropriate person to disclose a disability.

There are additional times during the application process, for example the Health Questionnaire and Superannuation documentation.