During the Interview

Being offered a job interview can be exciting and at the same time nerve wracking. Applicants who have a disability may also need to consider their options about disclosing a disability when an interview offer has been made.

The offer of a job interview is an opportunity for applicants with a disability to prepare in advance if, how and when to disclose their disability. Investigation of legislative rights, responsibilities, experiences of other employees and employers with disabilities, and disability services and support networks can assist applicants in composing a plan that outlines effective disclosure strategies.

If an applicant chooses to disclose their disability at the point of being offered an interview, it is important to disclose after the interview has been arranged. This ensures that the interview has been secured before any discussions or negotiation of any adjustments to the interview process is made.

An applicant may choose to disclose their disability when an interview offer is made to:

  • organise or discuss interview related adjustments. Adjustments may include organising an accessible venue, providing any written material in alternative formats and/or organising an AUSLAN interpreter
  • prepare the interview panel to eliminate any unnecessary stresses or obstacles that may affect the interview process. This is particularly relevant for applicants who have an obvious disability
  • evaluate whether the employer and/or workplace is supportive in working with people with disabilities

An applicant may choose not to disclose their disability when an interview offer is made because the disability has no effect or impact on the applicant's ability to do the job.

Applicants need to be prepared about how they would like to disclose their disability prior to attending the job interview. It is important that the information presented is clear and concise and relevant to the interview process. It is not essential to disclose in-depth medical or personal information about a disability unless there are specific requirements that need to be addressed for the interview.

The type of information presented to the appropriate person may include:

  • what the disability is
  • why the applicant has chosen to disclose their disability
  • the type of adjustments that would be required for the interview