Digital Content

Digital Content

Digital Content is dedicated to the production of dynamic learning and teaching assets to maximise student learning outcomes. We utilise contemporary, best-practice communication technologies to enrich student knowledge and foster a deep and long-lasting learning experience.

Extended Reality

Digital Content combine elements of augmented reality and virtual reality to deliver immersive digital content for learning and teaching. This technology is also known as Extended Reality (XR).

Immersive Simulations

Virtual simulations are utilised and leveraged in our learning and teaching practice. This enables students to experience unique, high-pressure or potentially dangerous situations, in safe and controlled way.  Virtual simulations now make it possible to prepare students for work in a wide range of simulated environments that would otherwise be impossible to experience while studying at university.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours facilitate equal access for online and on-campus students. Tours expose students to unique and exciting locations and experiences. Due to disruptions to onsite field trips since the COVID-19 pandemic, new virtual tours allow asynchronous learning in a range of hard-to-access locations and remote environments irrespective of location and conditions.

Asynchronous Learning Support

Digital Content work in collaboration with Academics, Students and Industry partners to create a wide range of bespoke media that promote active learning and engagement across a range of learning contexts and teaching modalities.

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