Research Reports


Attard, C. (2020). Practice Changing Practice Professional Development Program: Phase 1 Program Evaluation Final Report. Western Sydney University

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This report was launched on Saturday, July 18, 2020 (Nelson Mandela Day) and reviews the latest research on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), its impact on student health and school climate and its transformative role in building happier classrooms. The worldwide virtual launch was officiated by the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres among other UN dignitaries and international researchers. The report includes the leading researchers in the field from around the world with WSU’s contribution led by Dr Brenda Dobia and featuring other colleagues including Leonie Arthur, PhD Student Michelle Montgomery, Dr Dion Khlentzos and Dr Roberto Parada.

Kanitkar, A., Breault-Hood, J., Mears, J., & Gray, T. (2020). Nurturing Leadership from the Bottom Up: Supporting Leadership and Career Aspirations for Sessional Staff.


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DOI: 10.26183/5d2be20478e79

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