Academic Members:

Associate Professor Christine Woodrow

Associate Professor Loshini Naidoo

Dr Kumara Ward

Adjunct Dr Leonie Arthur

Research Focus:

The Transformers Doctoral Research group coheres around several key understandings about research. These include:

  • A high regard for the social value and contribution of research to addressing contemporary social and educational issues;
  • Approaches to research that incorporate potential for capacity building/knowledge building for participants;
  • Reciprocity; educational justice and the value of collaboration in research.

Thesis topic areas of group members include school violence, teachers use of theory, parent engagement, educators’ understandings and responses to social disadvantage, critical reflection in early education contexts, educational leadership, curriculum and peer-led parent education programs. The group activities have included a mini-symposium, workshops on abstracts, writing the literature review, data analysis and what makes a good thesis. These have provided an opportunity for participants to develop skills, share resources, discuss shared and individual challenges relating to the doctoral journey and build a scholarly community.


The group meets face to face for two hours on alternate months. These meetings incorporate professional learning activities to build research skills, peer support and student contributions.

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