Academic Members:

Associate Professor Christine Woodrow

Associate Professor Loshini Naidoo

Dr Kumara Ward

Adjunct Dr Leonie Arthur

Research Focus:

The Transformers group coheres around several key understandings about research. These include:

  • Commitments to quality research and a high regard for its social value and contribution;
  • Approaches to research that incorporate potential for capacity building/knowledge building for participants;
  • Reciprocity; educational justice and the value of collaboration in research.

Most research is conducted within the qualitative interpretative paradigm and draws on a range of social theories that include, but are not limited to feminist-postructural theories. Methodologies include participative action research, narrative approaches, case study and ethnography. A number of participants are researching early years contexts and family/parent engagement is another key area of enquiry.


The group meets face to face for two hours on alternate months. These meetings incorporate professional learning activities to build research skills, peer support and student contributions.  A one-day seminar is being planned for mid October

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