Learning Sciences Affect Research Network


Academic Members:

Associate Professor Chwee Beng Lee

Dr Lynde Tan

Dr Jose Hanham

Dr Roberto Parada

Dr Nathan Berger

Dr Erin Mackenzie

Dr Maree Skillen

Research Focus:

Learning Sciences refers to an interdisciplinary field that investigates teaching and learning in various settings using theories and  models from different fields such as cognitive science, educational psychology, instructional science, computer science and literacy studies. We are particularly interested in deep learning which is one of the scholarly inquiries in learning sciences. Like other learning scientists, we are interested in findings ways to understand and design innovative approaches to develop deep learning.


We organize a series of workshops on research methods and topics around the Learning Sciences.

2018 Workshops

Which quantitative analysis to perform for my study?

Thursday 4 October, Kingswood

How to ensure "quality" in my qualitative analysis.

Thursday 18 October, Bankstown

Measurement in Social Sciences

Thursday 1 November, Kingswood

Visiting Scholar: Distinguished Professor Timothy Teo (Session for LΣARN students only)

Friday 2 November, Kingswood

How robust is my quantitative analysis?

Thursday 15 November, Kingswood

How to design interventions for my study.

Thursday 29 November, Kingswood

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For information and to register, please email Jane Gibbs

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