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Cheryl Gajda

Cheryl Gajda is a first-year doctoral student, studying Primary Science Education and Popular Culture (Social Sciences) integration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education at Western Sydney University (WSU).  She is supervised by Professor Kathryn Holmes and Associate Professor Catherine Attard.

Cheryl has a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours Class I) in Biology and Geosciences from the University of Sydney and a Master of Teaching Degree at the University of New England.  Before the commencement of her doctorate, Cheryl was a Primary School Teacher, specialising in Science and Mathematics Education.

Prior to this, she worked as a Scientific Officer at the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, conducting wildlife surveys.  The combination of her Science and Teaching experience, has brought her to combining these skills in studying Science engagement of Primary students and the importance of integrating Popular Culture into the Primary Science Curriculum to enhance learning.

Cheryl also works as a Research Assistant for the Centre for Educational Research. She particularly enjoys educating children about Science in a real-life context and learning from her academic team at WSU.

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