Academic Members:

Professor Kathryn Holmes (Co-leader)

Professor Catherine Attard (Co-leader)

Dr Nathan Berger

Dr Erin Mackenzie

Dr Dorian Stoilescu

Dr Jessy Abraham

Dr Maree Skillen

Dr Leanne Rylands (SCEM)

Mrs Adelle Colbourn (MESH) *

Mr Don Shearman (MESH)

Mrs Lyn Armstrong (MESH)

Ms Susan McGlynn (MESH)

* MESH Mathematics Education Support Hub

Research Focus:

The ENIGMA group consists of researchers and HDR students focussed on issues related to mathematics, science and STEM Education. The group consists of researchers from the School of Education’s Centre for Educational Research, WSU’s Mathematics Education Support Hub and student researchers at various stages of their candidature.

In 2019, the regular seminar series has allowed ENIGMA members to share conference and confirmation of candidature presentations. We have hosted a visit by Prof Merrilyn Goos, the Director of EPI*STEM, National Centre for STEM Education, University of Limerick, Ireland. In October the ENIGMA group participated in a 2-day retreat focussed on the development of writing skills and a range of research methodologies.


The group meets on the last Tuesday of each month from 4-6pm at the Kingswood campus (or zoom) to present research presentations, research methodology workshops and to discuss new STEM education research developments.

Student members:

  • Khaled Alfaiad
  • Elise Attard
  • Cheryl Gadja
  • Jana Kovtun
  • John Ley
  • Felicia Lopez
  • Matt Thompson
  • Michele Tregoning
  • Tracey Walls
  • Cristi Wilsmore
  • Xia Miao Zeng

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