Doctoral Researchers


Albon, Nerissa: An Auto/Ethnographic Study of a School Reform Program in the United Arab Emirates (PhD)

Bailey, Jo: An Action Research Study of Young People and the Notion of an Emerging Culture that Supports Sustainable, Responsible and Ethical Practices Towards Society and the Environment (PhD)

Breault-Hood, Joelle: The Impact of Outdoor Education on the Body Image and Self-Concept of Adolescent Females (PhD)

Burrell, Amanda: Academic Stage Fright - considering a theoretical solution (PhD) 

Collins, Sue: Disintegration and the Feminine in the Landscape (PhD)

Constanti, Georgia: How are Ideas and Practices of Creativity in the Australian Curriculum Understood by 'Exemplary' Primary School Teachers in NSW Public Schools? 

Crinall, Sarah: The Arts in Waterway - Health Education and Sustainability: Artful Place-Consciousness and the Everyday (PhD)

Daley, Anne Marie: Re-storying to Restore: The truth not sought comes forth to the light

Davis, Abby: Social Ecology of Death: A Study of Australian After Death Communications Corroborated at time of Death (PhD) 

Foley, Angela: Traditional Owners on Country Today: The Art of Place-making in the Merri Creek Catchment, Victoria (PhD)

Germein, Susan: Community learning towards ecological sustainability: a reflexive ethnographic study in India (PhD)

Gillespie, Sally: Climate Change and Psyche: Dreams, Myths and Imaginings of Climate Change (PhD)

Gunther, Vinay: An Investigation into the Relational Dynamics of Power, Exploring Awareness and Skill Development (PhD) 

Jackson, Philip: Circles of Change:  Dialogue for Transformative Learning (PhD)

Khlentzos, Dion: Empathic Connection or Addictive Flight? Fathers in recovery and their relationships with their children (PhD)

Lloyd, Amanda: Implementing outdoor learning in Primary Schools so that it takes just a moment but the gains last a lifetime (PhD)

O'Rourke, Virginia: Closing the Educational Gap for Australian Aboriginal Primary Students in Low Density Schools: A Qualitative Analysis of Inclusive Practices and Conditions for Success (PhD) 

Ross, Melenie: Train for War Adapt for Peace: A Case Study of the Implications of Risk Management on Static Line Parachute Training in the ADF (PhD)

Sturges, Marion: Child Friendly Cities: The Development of a Tool to Access the Voice of the Young Child (PhD)

Walker, Nolene: Inclusion of Students with Additional Needs and Implications for Teacher Training (PhD)

Biela, Christine: Implementation of Conservation Education Programs at the Taronga Zoo (MEd Hons) 


Bachner, Sheila: What Key Factors Accelerate the Implementation of Transformational ICT Pedagogy by Teachers in the Primary Classroom (PhD)

Blackman, Tim: The Emerging Praxis of a High School Teacher/Post-Colonial and Post-Structural Scholar: Moments in the Classroom (PhD) 

Dove, Jennifer:
Creative Writing Assessment in English: Perspectives of Practice and Purpose in Highly Diverse NSW High Schools (PhD)

Fendall, Julie: The Creative Space: Student Engagement and Creative Learning 

Gonzales, Mabel: The experiences of school teachers as they transition through the pipeline of school administration in New South Wales and processes which best support School (PhD)

Gorashi, Asim: Bridging the Gap Between Islam and Music (DCA)

Hall, Adam: How to motivate, engage and move the middle in low-Socioeconomic schools?

Higgins, Aimee: Powerful Indigenous Curriculum. Towards Creating Global Citizens in our Classrooms (PhD)

Howie, Mark: 'The Sacred and the Profane': The Discursive Formation of Professional Identities of English Teachers in NSW (EdD)

Ismail, Hanan: How can islamic adolescents study of Islamic art contribute to their developing identity.

Kenny, Lawrence: An Examination of the Development of Standard Australian English in very Remote Central Western Desert Luritja Communities (PhD)

Kokkinos, Jana: Attitudes and Beliefs Towards the Encouragement of Emerging Mathematical Understandings of Children in the Early Years (PhD)

Ley, John: Using a Focus Question Approach to the Teaching of Mathematics (PhD) 

Lysewycz, Nikolai: An exploration of gender dynamics in an all-boys school as it transitions to co-educational student intake

Magee, Brendan: PANTHERS - A Model of Best Practice in Boys' Education (PhD)

McDaid, Karen: Pre-Service Teachers: Effects on their Identity and Self Efficacy in the Primary Mathematics Practicum Classroom (PhD)

Melville, Kerrie: NO LABELS! Discarding Homogenisation and Incorporating Cultural Capital to Facilitate the Learning of Refugee Students (PhD)

Morrison, Jan: Principals of Equity Programs: An Analysis of Principals' Implementation of Two Equity Programs in NSW Schools (EdD) 

Mootz, Denis: Towards a Taxonomy: History Teachers and History Classrooms (PhD)

Mupenzi, Alfred: Resilience and aspiration in multiple contexts and across cultures: A case of refugee students from Great Lakes region of Africa in higher institutions of Learning (Phd)

Nand, Lalesh: "Second Chance" Education in TAFE NSW through "General Education" Programs (PhD)

Plumridge, Donna: The Match or Mismatch Between Quality Teaching and SIPA Research and the Research on Adolescent Brain and Implications for Middle Schooling (EdD)

Tran, Manh Thang: Exploring Quality Teaching of ICT in NSW - Australia and Yen Bai Vietnam. Secondary Schools - A Comparative Study (PhD) 

Tregoning, Michelle: What happens when you become the change you hope to see? How can you apply the MeE Framework across a School, creating an 'insider school' that positively impacts the learning experiences, environments and learning outcomes of all students (M Ph) 

Staats, John: Escellence, Equity and Engagement? Object-based learning and a New History Pedagogy (PhD)

Wilson, Teresa: Investigating the Lived Experiences of Career-change Teachers in their First Year of Teaching (PhD)

Wieczorek-Ghisso, Katarzyna: Mentoring as a professional Learning Approach to Support Early Childhood Educators in the Implementation of the National Quality Standards in Australia (PhD) 

Williams, Kathleen: Understanding Students Use of Image Based Searched to Locate Authoritative Information (PhD) 

Zeng, Zia Miao: Analysis of the Process of Mathematics Learning in a Tutoring Intervention (PhD) 


Alchin, Ian: Exploring Management Capability in the ECEC Sector (PhD)

Almasaud, Alya'a: English as a Second Language: The Effectiveness of Educational Audio Materials on Kuwaiti Students Learning English as a Second Language at Primary Level (PhD)

Alrufidah, Badryah: Science Education & E-Learning in Girls' Secondary Schools in Saudi Arabia

Baird, Gregory: Equity and Discourse Analysis in Careers Education and Development? A Research Proposal for Examining the dominant discourse of Careers Education in NSW?

Barbagiannakos-Kattos, Maria: Reconciliatory Education Reform Issues: The Case of Cyprus (PhD)

D'Souza, Suzanne: Genre Mixing in Undergraduate Nursing Texts (PhD)

Hinves, Marina: The Role of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) as a Foundation for Thematic Exploration and Practical Application within the Visual Arts IBDP Course (EdD)

Kackley-Keep, Suellen: Thinking Literacy, Learning Literacy - Assessing and Teaching Metacognitive Skills to tasmanian Senior Secondary Students (PhD)

Mbogo, Connie: An Investigation into Ways in which African Migrant Women negotiate Cultural Differences, Inequalities & Racialising Practices in Transitioning into Training & Employment Opportunities in Australia MEd[Hons])

McGavock, Tessa: Walking the Journey Together: How can we embed Aboriginal Culture into Early Childhood Practice? (PhD)

Morrison, Tracy: Early Childhood Educators and Professional Development in Care and Education Settings (PhD)

Mupenzi, Alfred: Participatory Human Development Paradigm in Advancing Adolescent Girls' Education in Rwanda (EdD) 

Nguyen, Chi Thi Kim: An Investigation into Writing Practices in Ba Ria-Vung tau Lower Secondary Schools

Prichard, Paul: Transformations in Parenting: A Case study in parent Education (PhD)

Shanmugam, Kkulam: The Significant Role of Community Schools, in particular, Sri-Lankan/Indian tamil Schools to Community Engagement in Education (Phd)

Sharma, Romi: Pedagogical Leadership: A Transformative Cutting Edge (PhD)

ROSETE Doctoral Students

Ballantyne, Cheryl: Evaluation of the Ningbo Volunteer Program (PhD)

Chen, Mingyu: A Contrastive Study of Teaching Strategies between English and Chinese teachers

Deng, Qianwen: The Most Significant Changes the Ningbo Volunteer Program has Achieved; A Research Evaluation of Chinese Language Teaching in New South Wales Public Schools (PhD)

Han, Yu: Improving College English Teaching in EFL Context - A Study on Multiple Intelligence Theory (PhD)

Han, Yuen: Cultural Difference's Impact on Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language

Jin, Yaoyao: The Cultural Connotations and Pragmatic Functions of English and Chinese Euphemisms

Jin, Yonggui: A Comparative Study on Pedagogy for Students of Nursing Program between Australia and China (PhD)

Jin, Xinghui: Strategic Planning and Management of Chinese Higher Education Institutions in the Process of Internationalisation (PhD)

Johnson, Richard: A Dialogue with Chinese Students of English (PhD)

Liao, Jiadong: Reading, Writing and Exchanging: A Foucauldian Approach to Studying International Research Candidatures' Information Competence (PhD)

Lu, Siyi: The Correlation between Chinese critique and the immediate "system" since the May Fourth Movement (PhD)

Lubbers, Sue: Towards Democratising Education in the Australian 'Internationalised' Tertiary Context: Developing Intercultural Awareness and Communication Skills Through the Embedding of an Intercultural Megalanguage (PhD)

Malalasekara, Dona: Bilingual Mind and Cognitive and Linguistic Development: Language, Culture and Education (PhD)

Nguyen, Thi Hong Nhung: A Study of Service Learning in Higher Education in Vietnam (PhD)

Phan, Thi Tinh: Metacognitive Strategies to Enhance English Language Writing Skill for Mechanical Engineering Students in Vietnam

Qi, Demei: Factors Influencing the Choice of Chinese Students when selecting a foreign educational provider (PhD)

Shen, Haibo: Early Career Chinese Researchers' Strategies for Theorizing in Chinese and its uses in English (PhD)

Shi, Jia: Foreign Language Teaching on the Perspective of Multimodal Discourse

Zhang, Zhihong: English Self-Concept of Chinese College Non-English Majors: Its Relations to Self-Attributions to Success and Failure in English Learning (PhD)

He, Qin: The Study of Fissilization in SLA from Perspective of Teaching Chinese Language to Australian Students (MEd[Hons])

Li, Keren: The Methods to Teach Chinese-Culture-Contained Chinese Characters as a Foreign Language (MEd[Hons])

Li, Leyi: Making Chinese Learnable (MEd[Hons])

Li, Ling: Teachers Choice in the Second Language Courses: Influence of Native Language Usage of Teachers to Students (MEd[Hons])

Liu, Wei: Engaging Chinese Theoretical Tools to Internationalise Intercultural Doctoral Education in Australia

Ma, Xiyao: A Study of Cultivation of Cross-Cultural Awareness in English teaching (MEd[Hons])

Shen, Hangyan: Whole Language Approach of the English-Speaking People's Chinese Teaching (MEd[Hons])

Shen, Haibo: The Significant Role of Community Schools, in Particular Sri-Lankan/Indian Tamil Schools to Community Engagement in Education

Tran, Thi Thanh Ha: Research on Innovation of Geography Teaching Methods in Secondary Schools in Yen Bai Province, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Wang, Huan: Teaching Chinese idioms amongst CFL children in multimedia environments: a case study in Australian schools

Wang, Qingjuan:  Task Based Language Teaching in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (MEd[Hons])

Wang, Xiaojie: The Effects of Foreign Language Anxiety and Emotion on English Language Acquisition and Learning Attitudes in Chinese ESL/EFL Classrooms (MEd[Hons])

Wang, Xiao Yan: Teachers Choice in the Second Language Courses: Influence of Native Language Usage of Teachers to Students (MEd[Hons])

Wu, Xiaolan: Motivations and Countermeasures of Chinglish

Xiong, Wangqianli: Making New Media's Power into Education (MEd[Hons])

Zhou, Junnan: A Contrastive Study of Politeness Strategies in English and Chinese Written Discourse (MEd[Hons]) 


Al Ghamdi, Najla: Against the Odds: Women Head teachers in Riyadh Region of the KSA (PhD)

Al Hussein, Alaa: Writing Instruction through Reading Argumentative Discourse: A Pedagogical Metadiscoursal Method (PhD)

Al Shamrani, Abdullah: The Effectiveness of the Computer on Increasing Student Achievement and Motivation in a High School Arabic Language Classroom in Saudi Arabia (PhD)

Al Zargani, Hawra: Exploring the Role of Peer Support in Enhancing the First Year Experience of Non-English Speaking Background Students MEd[Hons])

Almasaud, Alyaa: English as a Second Language: The Effectiveness of Educational Audio Materials on Kuwaiti Students Learning English as a Second Language at Primary Level (PhD)

Almelhes, Sultan: Teaching of Arabic Language Proficiency (Pronunciation) to Non-native Speakers: Designing Interventions using ICT (PhD)

Alrufidah, Badryah: Science Education and E-Learning in Girls' Secondary Schools in Saudi Arabia (PhD)

Alturkistani, Iman Mohammed: The Affect of Using Youtube to Learn a Foreign Language (PhD)

Alzaidi, Maha: Teacher Attitudes towards the Effectiveness of Using iPads as an Educaitonal Instrument for Students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities in Saudi Arabia (PhD)

Alzhrani, Samih: Teachers' Attitudes towards the inclusion of Young Children with Special Needs in Early Childhood Education in Saudi Arabia

Aslan, Mehmet: The Sociological Analysis of English as a Global Language in Turkish Education (PhD)

Haq, Romana: Developing an International English Curriculum Framework

Karaali, Abeer: The Use and Influence on Online Resources in the Home Education Environment (PhD)

Mourad, Zainab: Intersections of Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Socio-economic background in relation to Arabic Background Students in NSW Schools: A Critical Social Theory Approach (PhD)

Nand, Lalesh: "Second Chance" Education in Tafe NSW through "General Education" Programs

SNAP members in other entities

Computing and Engineering

Fatayer, Mais: Building the Open-Oz-Course Ware for Australian Universities Unlocking Knowledge – Inspire (PhD)

School of Education

Alshamri, Khalid: Quality of Life for Families of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Saudi Arabia (PhD)

Ibrahim, Mohammed: The Question of Accrediting Agencies Affecting Quality Education in Gulf

Muhanna, Mahmoud: The Attitudes of General Primary Teachers towards the Inclusion of Students with Autism in Jordan (PhD)

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