Visiting Scholars

Dr Allyson Carvalho de Araújo

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil (opens in a new window)

April 2018 – April 2019

Sponsor: Associate Professor Jorge Knijnik

Professor Allyson Carvalho de Araújo is an Adjunct IV Professor, working in the Physical Education Department. During his visit to Western Sydney University he will be working on the research project “Moving in the virtual world: the impact of digital technologies on teacher education, movement culture and Health and physical education curriculum: a view from the Southern Hemisphere”. This project is a partnership between the Western Sydney University, the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil) and the University of Auckland.

Professor Babek Shamshiri

University of Shiraz, Iran (opens in a new window)

December 2018 - April 2019

Sponsor: Associate Professor David R. Cole

Professor Shamshiri is the Dean of Education at the University of Shiraz. His visit will involve scholarly exchange focusing on an examination of the geopolitics of teacher education in Iran and Australia.

Professor Dorte Marie Søndergaard

Aarhus University, Denmark (opens in a new window)

August – October, 2018

Sponsor: Associate Professor Susanne Gannon

Professor Dorte Marie Søndergaard holds a professorship in social psychology at the Department of Education, Aarhus University. During her visit she has been involved in drafting academic papers with Professor Sondergaard, PhD student Penille Rasmussen, Associate Professor Susanne Gannon and Associate Professor Loshini Naidoo. She has also co-presented with Associate Professor Susanne Gannon at the Data Archive workshop, Melbourne University.

Yu Pei Chun (Terri)

Ming Chuan University in Taipei, Taiwan (opens in a new window)

July 2018 – July 2019

Sponsor: Associate Professor Christine Johnston

Terri is undertaking her Doctoral studies at the University of Taipei. During her visit at Western Sydney University, Terri will be spending her time working on the writing up of her PhD which is looking at the learning of Chinese language by international students in Taipei. She is already engaging with Associate Professor Jinghe Han and is attending the ROSETE meetings to learn how that program works and is planning on making contact with relevant staff in Humanities and Communication Arts.

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