Summer Institute of the Antipodes 2016

A collaboration between The Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University and Manchester Metropolitan University

Monday, 21 November – Friday, 25 November 2016

About the Summer Institute

The Summer Institute is of interest to researchers who are looking for stimulating engagements with theory. It is of particular interest to researchers in education, the social sciences, and the health and caring professions. Because of its dialogic structure, the Institute is relevant to both beginning and more experienced researchers.

The Summer Institute of the Antipodes will be organized around a series of daily Thinking keynotes from internationally renowned thinkers that will cover a range of different continents, theoretical and methodological approaches. The focus will be on exploring 'wicked problems' through leading edge theories.

Each day the lecture will follow with 'Talking' sessions that allow for small group discussions of keynote address led by staff from the Centre for Educational Research.

These sessions will then be followed by interactive "Doing" sessions where a presenter alone or in a small team will apply theory to research. The focus will be to challenge and disrupt our assumptions and ideas, habits and practices – how can theory be vibrant and alive?

Next will be the "Making" sessions where presenters will bring attention to the alternative modes in which research can be explored/represented. Hands-on and interactive these creative, artistic and inspired workshops should seek to utilize a variety of innovative modalities delivered through and with the bodies of participants.

For further information, please contact Tracy Buckridge in the first instance.

The Summer Institute of the Antipodes

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The Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2016 Organising Committee invites you to register for this year's conference. The conference will be held in Melbourne at the Melbourne Cricket Ground from Sunday, 27 November until Thursday, 1 December 2016.

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