The Centre for Educational Research (CER) was recently integrated within the School of Education at Western Sydney University. This move has enabled new research areas to emerge alongside existing research strengths in equity, sustainability and globalisation, supporting educational research from diverse paradigms focussed on understanding and improving education for the Western Sydney region and beyond. In particular our research supports the potential of education to work for all students in terms of diversity, social inclusion, social justice and sustainability.

In 2020 we are progressing our work within the School of Education Research Operational Plan 2018–2020, in response to the University Research and Innovation Plan 2018–2020. The plan addresses WSU priorities to increase research capacity, impact and quality through a focus on collaboration across Schools and Institutes.

Vision Unlimited 2019: Education Research @ WSU

The Centre for Educational Research is driven by the quest to understand how the potential of education can be harnessed so that it can 'work' for all in socially just, inclusive, sustainable and powerful ways to drive innovation and change.

Discover how CER are taking up this challenge with a unique focus on research that is vibrant and enriched by the wisdom and the wide range of research and evidence generating activities undertaken with partners from across the Greater Western Sydney Region and the world.

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For further information, please email or call Lin Brown 02 4736 0050

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