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A new Employability Dashboard is launching on Monday 25 November and we need your help to make it amazing.

Getting a job can be tough. There is so much information and advice about building a career. The Employability Dashboard aims to recommend the exact content you need in a customised way to support your personal and professional development while you are at uni and into the future.

Your Capacities Profile

The Dashboard is built around the idea of ‘Capacities’ – understanding and developing the things you need to live a satisfying and fulfilling life. This will look different for everyone because we are all different and define success in different ways.

Your life didn’t start when you got to Western. We know that you came to Uni with a range of rich life experiences, and will continue to develop while you are here and long after you graduate. Your Capacities Profile is designed to grow with you, to track your progress over time as you work on achieving whatever life goals you set for yourself.

The Capacities Quiz

Your perceptions of your current level in each capacity domain were gathered via the Capacities quiz you completed in phase 1. Your results will form a Capacities profile map so you can see where you are now, and can work on developing your capacities during the three-week pilot period.

Accessing your Capacities Quiz results

Your results can be accessed via the “You” tab in the App. When you log in, you will see a circular diagram with your level of capacity mapped in each of the 28 domains. The green bars indicate a domain where you have rated yourself highly, and the red bars indicate areas you may feel are less developed. There is no right or wrong level of capacity, just a starting point to give you a sense of where you are at now, and where you might like to be in the future.

How to view your profile

Features to have a play with

Each of the activities within the Employability Dashboard has been designed to provide you with the opportunity to develop your Capacities profile. You can search for jobs, read news articles and Alumni stories and complete activities. You can even create your own activity, drawing on experiences from life, part-time work, your studies or various commitments outside of university that you feel have contributed to the development of certain capacities.

How to add your own activities to the dashboard

The most engaged user over the three-week pilot study will win an iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB RRP $1999.00! (T&Cs apply).

Create your account here using your student email*.


If you have any questions about the pilot study please email Kelly Whitney

Kelly Whitney | Senior Manager, Alumni and Graduate Success
Office of Employability and Graduate Success