Western Sydney Mentoring

Mentoring is an opportunity to self-reflect and learn through sharing insights, knowledge, and advice from personal experiences. It is also one of the best ways to expand your professional network, unlock potential career opportunities and propel your career forward.

The Western Sydney Mentoring Program is delivered via an online platform, giving you the autonomy to view profiles and seek mentorship based on skills and career experiences of interest.

As a mentee, you’ll be able to connect with a range of mentors from different disciplines including Business, Education, Marketing, Healthcare, Technology, Community Services, Engineering and so much more - all online!

As a mentor, you’ll be able to inspire and connect with Western’s talented student community.

Here’s what participants have said about their mentoring experience:

“Being able to ask someone a question without any fear and knowing that the answer you are receiving is given a backbone through the mentors personal and professional experience in a similar career of choice.”

- Naomi-Lee, Mentee

“My mentor was able to tell me first-hand what life is like in the 'real world' and was able to paint a realistic picture of the type of work she is involved in and what to expect.”

- Elizabeth Joy, Mentee

“I am quite new to the workforce myself, so it was really great to be able to reflect on how much I've learned in my first few years at work. Seeing [my mentee] succeed and be passionate about university and her career was fantastic and it was amazing to hear that my mentee also got a job with us as well.”

- PwC, Mentor, PwC

“It exposes us to possible students that we’d consider employing as cadets or trainees.”

- LLS, Mentor

Both Western Students and Alumni are eligible to be a part of our Online Mentoring program as both a mentee and/or a mentor.

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