University Specialist Employment Partnerships Program

Western Sydney University is participating in the University Specialist Employment Partnerships (USEP) Program.

This program is designed to deliver an employment service aimed at meeting the specific needs of graduating, or recently graduated, students with disabilities.

In this program you will receive individualised support in preparing for and gaining degree relevant employment through a qualified employment specialist.

  • Meet with Dragana to discuss what the program can offer you (please note that due to current Covid 19 measures, all consultations will be conducted via zoom, skype or phone).
  • Design a plan that outlines your employment goals.
  • Discover roles that match your skills, experience and qualifications.
  • Feel supported in your transition to the workplace

If this is of interest, please register by contacting Dragana Koncar, our Western Employment Specialist, by email at

During Covid 19,  as an essential service, USEP program is fully operational and open to new registrations

Testimonials from USEP Clients

“USEP is a wonderful service that caters for university students and graduates with a disability or chronic health problems. In this special service it is demonstrated understanding of the needs of educated people living with a disability, trying to make their way in the world while coping with the challenges of daily life. My experience working with Dragana in USEP program has been amazing. Dragana has a complete understanding of client’s needs and career aspirations and goals. Dragana's delivery of this unique program is nothing like I have tried before. I feel motivated in looking for work and confident in reaching my career goals.”

- Catherine, B.Social Work

“I started with USEP program in 2019 and it has been a tremendous help. The USEP consultant assisted me with job applications in making the right impression. The consultant referred me to professionals and agencies in my area of interest, providing me with valuable opportunities for networking that led to a job offer.”

- Bryce, B.Science

“What I have found the most valuable in the USEP program is the one on one support provided. I have had a dedicated 'case manager' who has worked with me. She has supported me all the way through the program, encouraging me, providing advice and feedback, wise counsel and valuable contacts to assist me in applying for and obtaining employment. Through the program, I have been supported in updating my resume to reflect current employer preferences and I have had the opportunity to participate in mock interviews with experienced and knowledgeable staff. This has provided me with invaluable experience, feedback, encouragement, an understanding of an employers’ perspective on employment and suggestions on how to best answer questions in an interview. The program has also been flexible and allowed me to have my meetings over the phone and in my local Ability Options office which has been really helpful. Having someone on your side during the job-seeking process is such a blessing especially when you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to find work."

- Alison, M.Early Childhood

“Prior to engaging with my Employer Specialist Dragana I had become quite disheartened with employment prospects after numerous rejections from job application. From my first initial consultation with Dragana I felt immediately supported, between weekly meetings to improve my CV and her ongoing advocacy within my dedicated field of interest, my confidence increased and I was able to secure the perfect role. Dragana’s professionalism and authenticity has been critical to my success and I look forward to continue working with her as my career progresses further”

- Meltem, B. Science