High-Flyers Program

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About the program

High-Flyers is an innovative employability program that supports students to overcome traditional recruitment barriers and achieve stronger employment outcomes as it promotes a more inclusive model of graduate recruitment.

The High-Flyers Program is open to all current students in any discipline and is designed to help you gain practical experience with an Industry Partner by navigating through the two levels of engagement.

Benefits of the High-Flyers Program

Network with Industry PartnersNetwork with Industry Partners
Get exclusive access to welcome networking sessions with our industry partners.
Join the Learning CommunityJoin the Learning Community
Join a support network with current and past program participants.
Get a Digital CredentialGet a Digital Credential
Receive a personalised online credential that you can put on your resume and share with future employers.
Gain Practical Experience and SkillsGain Practical Experience and Skills
Gain work experience and training in a reputable company to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Levels of Engagement

There are two levels in the program; virtual experience and practical engagement.

Tier 1: Virtual Experience 

Level 1: Virtual Experience

In this level, you will complete ALPHA playlists. They are short training modules that we co-designed with our Industry Partners.

You will develop:

  • Critical discipline-related skills (project management, engineering, finance, etc.)
  • Soft skills valued across industries (problem-solving, communication skills, etc.)

* ALPHA is Western's online platform for personal and professional development.

Based on your performance in level 1, successful students will progress to level 2.

Tier 2: Applied Engagement 

Level 2: Practical Engagement

This level invites you to address, respond and apply your knowledge and skills gained from level 1 to real-life business experiences.

Examples of experiences include:

  • Hackathons
  • Pitch Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Networking Events

Our industry partners

Strategic Projects Team - Western Sydney University

The Strategic Projects Team, part of the Office of People and Success at Western Sydney University, overseas various projects including ALPHA, an online professional and self-development platform.

The team have set up a Fundamentals of Project Management challenge for all Western students to help you develop project management skills and strategies that you can use in any project. This challenge comprises of a virtual experience and practical engagement. The virtual experience will provide you foundational skills and tools of how you can help manage and scope projects.  This will be completed on ALPHA and takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

From there, selected students will be invited to attend an insightful panel discussion, focused on Project Management Careers, with staff at Western Sydney University.

Register now if you are interested in learning about project management or want to find out more about what is involved.

Register now

"FDM partnered with Western because we see a great potential for talent out there, and we want to help students, before they graduate, to foster the skills we are looking for."

- Sophie Zdenkowski, University Partnerships  Manager, FDM Group

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program run?

High Flyers is an extra curricula program made up of specific challenges co-designed with key industry partners. These challenges are  generally run twice a year. We recommend checking the High-Flyers webpage for updates on key dates and industry partners.

Who can apply for this program?

Whilst some challenges are better suited to students from particular disciplines, the High Flyers program is free of charge and open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are no minimum GPA requirements to meet to be eligible to participate. Both domestic and international students are welcome to register.

Can I participate in several challenges at the same time?

You may choose to participate in several challenges, but this is not recommended to be done at the same time. Participating in several challenges may impact on your experience of the program. There are various opportunities to participate in challenges throughout the year.

Do we have to apply for the program?

You will need to register for the program, once you register, we will send you information about the upcoming Welcome Session and how to get started.

What is the ALPHA platform?

ALPHA is Western's online platform for personal and professional development. It's your one-stop-shop to staying engaged within the University and growing your employability. ALPHA can accommodate a variety of learning approaches using interactive digital tools to support the achievement of learning goals. In addition to being a learning platform, ALPHA is also a news, job seeking and community hub.

Contact us

Direct your inquiries to: alpha@westernsydney.edu.au