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Career Launch is a university wide personal and career development program designed to help you understand where you are at, where you would like to be, and how to get there!


Career Launch is a self-paced, online program built around you and your needs. The program consists of a series of guided activities based on four key stages of career development:

Understand Self

Knowing who you are, what you value and what motivates you is crucial to effective career decision making. Rediscover you - your interests, skills, influences, strengths and limitations.

Explore Options

Explore the mysterious world of work! Delve into the rugged labour market terrain and understand what employers are looking for. Better yet, you might be your own career-maker!

Plan and Connect

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! A little cliché we know but there is a lot of truth in it. Learn how to make career decisions, effective networking building and planning how-tos.

Transition to work

Like anything in life, applying for work is a skill that requires practice! Master effective job search strategies, how to match your skills to the job and perfect your interview performance.


Complete the Career Launch Quiz (opens in a new window) to find out where you should start from. With those results you'll be able to start from any one of the suggested sections listed above by clicking on the button or build your own adventure. As you work through the activities, you will accumulate points, leading to a completion certificate (or not…again, you are in control).


Do you have any questions about Career Launch? Are you experiencing any technical issues? Check out the frequently asked questions below:

Issues accessing Career Launch/Career Launch Pad

Issues accessing Career Launch/Career Launch Pad

If you receive a 401 - Unauthorised (does not meet workflow requirements) it means that you will need to complete the Career Launch Quiz before you start working on your activities. The Quiz (opens in a new window) provides the entry mechanic for you to complete Career Launch.

Sometimes it might be that you have yet to select or update your CareerHub preferences (opens in a new window). CareerHub requires you to set your preference before using any part of the system (which includes Career Launch).

I'm not receiving any correspondence about my activity in Career Launch

I'm not receiving any correspondence about my activity in Career Launch

If you have not heard from the Career Launch team about your responses to activities or how you're progressing in the program it might be that you're email address is either incorrect or unconfirmed. This can be easily resolved by going to your CareerHub profile (opens in a new window) and updating your email address.

If the issue continues get in touch with the Career Launch team at

Issues booking into an event/appointment

Issues booking into an event/appointment

If you are having issues booking into an event/appointment it could be due to a number of reasons:

  1. There is no more spaces available - however you can go onto a waiting list and be notified when a space becomes available;
  2. The event/appointment was cancelled and no longer available (typically students and graduates are notified about this prior to the cancellation as a CareerHub notification);
  3. You've been absent for a number of events/appointments resulting in an auto-ban. If this is the case get in touch with the Careers team at and see what options are available.


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