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The Jobs on Campus program provides students with the opportunity to apply for paid, professional experience right here at Western Sydney University! Whether you're seeking extra income or in need of valuable degree-relevant work experience, register now (opens in a new window) to receive Jobs On Campus alerts.

Positions are filled on a competitive basis, as per usual application procedures - to give you an real world experience. Be sure to make use of career related resources and give yourself the best chance of securing success. We suggest the following steps to becoming career ready:

Become Career ready

First year

Concentrate on settling into university and developing appropriate study skills. This is a good time to seek part-time or casual work that will help you build general communication and team-work skills.

Second year

Focus on developing a great resume We also recommended that you start looking for some degree-relevant employment or work experience, as this will enable you to develop your degree-related work skills.

Third and fourth year

Continue to seek degree-relevant employment or work experience and build networks with professionals in your field. Keep your resume updated!

For more information please contact Jobs on Campus via email or call 02 4736 0424.

What the students are saying

"After working here, I feel more confident that my experience will help me get another job in my field."

"The program is extremely flexible and understands that students are being recruited with commitments to their studies as well."

"Working at UWS has been a major stepping-stone in my life and a huge learning experience that I will take with me."

"This experience has given me so much more confidence and has reinforced that Human Resources is the career path I want to pursue… I do believe this experience has been crucial in me securing a full-time job in Human Resources upon graduation."

"I believe this role has contributed greatly to my studies. As a final-year marketing student, I had no previous practical situations to apply my knowledge."

"The job has helped me confirm that I have chosen the right degree to study as well as the right industry to work in."