Career tips for international students

Experiencing a different country can be a new, exciting experience. However, it can also be daunting as you will be adapting to a different way of life and cultural customs. These customs also extend into the workplace and like social norms, they can vary depending on the environment and make finding a job stressful.


  1. Talk and network with people: The ability to communicate effectively is essential! By conversing with people, you will get to practice your English speaking skills and will be able to present yourself in a more confident manner. This is the first thing that employers will notice - even before testing your work skills.
  2. Get settled into your accommodation and study: This will give you a chance to adapt to your new environment and get organised. This will help make you familiar with local words and phrases which can help you feel more comfortable with the Australian way of communicating.
  3. Register on CareerHub: Keep up-to-date with the latest news, events and workshops that will help your professional image. You can find excellent part time and degree-related job opportunities.
  4. Paperwork: Ensure you have all relevant employment documentation - tax file number, visa, etc.
  5. Star Pronunciation: This is a 13 week online course designed to improve your English speaking skills.
  6. Prepare your resume: Learn how to refine and adapt your resume according to employers' standards. You can search for 'resume tips' in our Careerhub Resources for guidelines. In addition, you can submit your resume through our website to have it reviewed.
  7. Actively seek work: Always keep an eye out for volunteering positions and/or part time work. Customer service, office skills and even self staking can build your employability skills.


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