Social Work and Community Welfare Careers Expo

Event Overview

  1. NOV9
    Monday, 9 November to Friday 13 November 2020, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
    Online event

Western Sydney University is pleased to present the inaugural virtual careers event. This event will ran over 5 days, from Monday to Friday. Students and soon-to-be social work graduates had the opportunity to hear from some of the top employers in the social work field presenting about their organisations through zoom sessions.

Recordings of the sessions at the Inaugural Social Work Careers e-Event 2020

Information for Students

Students on campus

Information for Employers

Student event time
Monday 9th November to Friday 13th November from 10 am to 4 pm

Register your interest here. A zoom link will be provided for each session you are interested in.

Preparation Required
We recommend preparing by looking up websites for the organisations you are going to meet with and planning what questions you would like to ask them.

What's on the program?

  • Panel discussions
  • Presentations about further study
  • Academics to answer any questions you may have
  • Employer presentations about their organisation
  • CareerHub workshops about applying for jobs, meeting the selection criteria, being successful in your job interviews and finding work that interests and stimulates you as a social work professional.

Find out how to impress employers and get the most out of the expo with our cheat sheet (opens in a new window).

Employer exhibition time
Monday 9th November to Friday 13th November

Zoom sessions

Registration is FREE.
You will be asked to register and to advise your preference for your presentation time: Monday 9th to Friday 13th November: 10-11;11-12; 2-3;3-4. If there is no suitable timeslot please advise and we will call you.

Actual Presentation Timing:
15-20 minutes or where a panel of speakers from the same field are presenting, each will present their organisation for 10 minutes. The presentations will be followed by Questions and Answers moderated by the Zoom facilitator from the SW Team.

Click here to register your interest in presenting.

The entire student cohort - including soon-to-be graduates - are interested in hearing from you about:

  • The strategies for change, rewards and the challenges of the particular human services field in which your organisation operates
  • What are the skills and knowledge you look for in new graduates
  • Tell us about the support you offer new appointees
  • Any information you consider important to share with new social workers entering the sector?
  • The presentation will offer you the opportunity to raise your organisational profile to social work students and able to meet them with some potential candidates for your current and upcoming vacancies.

We do hope this is of interest to your organisation and look forward to a successful event for all involved.

For further information, please contact Dr Justine O'Sullivan, Social Work,

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Frequently Asked Questions - Students

Q: How do I register to attend?

A: Login to Careerhub and submit your expressions of interest here

Q: Who can attend the Social Work Careers e- Event?

A: All current WSU students, Community Welfare, Social Sciences and other WSU students and graduates are encouraged to attend. You can browse which events are most suitable for you here

Q: What can I expect from the event?

A: Career events are an opportunity for you to meet with future employers and professional associations to help you build a successful career and gather the information that you require to make informed decisions about your next steps. Each session differs slightly. Make sure you check out the program on the event page closer to the event week. Once you register, we will keep you updated with the program for the week.

Q: Who are the organisations that will be attending the Career Event?

A: Login to Careerhub (opens in new window) and find the SW Careers e-Event. Click on the heading and on the right-hand side of the event page the employers attending will be listed. The page will be updated closer to the event, so make sure to check back close to the event day.

Q: How should I prepare for the SW Careers e-Event?

A: Top tips.

  • It is important to research the organisations that are presenting during Social Work Careers e-Event. After looking up their websites, plan the questions you have. Make sure you know the day and time and zoom id. for the Presenters you don’t want to miss!
  • Display great communication skills for Zoom: such as
    • Attentive listening;
    • Turn off your microphone during the presentation;
    • Turn on the video;
    • Don’t forget to smile- This could be the start of a NETWORKING opportunity!
  • Take notes as the Presenter is speaking. Write down the questions you want to ask at the end. Plan how you are going to introduce yourself if your question comes up;
  • Formal dress is optional

Q: Should I have a resume?

A: It is a good idea to develop your resume and then you can add to it with the ideas and new ways of presenting your experience that you hear about throughout the week.

Q: How much does the event cost?

A: This event is FREE of charge for all WSU students and graduates.

Q:  Can I get a Certificate of attendance?

A: Yes. If you have registered and attended one or more of the ZOOM sessions we will supply you with a certificate at the end of the Careers e-Event week.

Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

Q: What is the cost?

A: No cost

Q: How do I register to attend?

A: Click here to register

Q: What is involved in participating in the 2020 Social Work Careers e-Event?

A: The week of 9-13 November will offer a series of workshops and presentations by Western and South Western Sydney employers and the WSU Careers Hub. Your presentation time will be allocated in discussion with you. Each presentation will be approximately 15-20 minutes long, followed by a Question and Answer session facilitated by the SW Careers team.

Q: How many people will I be presenting to?

A: The sessions are advertised to whole Social work cohort (potentially 100 plus students). The session will go ahead regardless of number students online. We will be recording the session for those unable to attend. The Social work Career facilitator will be available to assist.

Q: What do the students want to know?

A: The students are interested in hearing from you about:

  • Important issues and key strategies needed now in the field in which your organisation operates
  • What are the skills and knowledge you look for in new graduates?
  • Tell us about the support you offer new appointees
  • Key information you know is important to share with new social workers entering the sector!
  • All tips are much appreciated!

Q: How will this benefit my organisation?

A: This session will offer you the opportunity to raise your organisational profile to WSU social work students, to communicate your organisation's key goals and be able to connect with potential candidates for current and upcoming vacancies.

Q: How do I download ZOOM?

A: Prior to your session you should download zoom onto your computer:

Q: How will I access the ZOOM meeting for my presentation?

A: An email confirming your presentation time and the WSU zoom link will be sent to you. The SW Careers facilitator will be in contact with you and happy to assist.

Q: I have a PowerPoint presentation – how do I upload it?

A: As the ZOOM meeting host you will be able to share your screen. The SW Careers facilitator will be present and available to assist.

We look forward to a successful event for all involved.

Dr Justine O'Sullivan, Social Work WSU Careers e-Event Coordinator:;


Student Registration
Registration is through CareerHub.
Use your Student ID and Western password to register.
Exhibitor registration
Registration is through CareerHub.

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