WiSE Program for Employers

Women in Science and Engineering

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Employers are warmly invited to become involved in our program. Your participation typically encompasses:

  • Mentoring a student (involves fortnightly contact over one semester)
  • Hosting a workplace visit
  • Hosting a networking event
  • Offering work experience
  • Speaking at a WiSE Program event

To register your interest, please complete the Employer Involvement Expression of Interest Form (opens in a new window).  

Employers were involved in the WiSE Program in a mentoring capacity. As mentors, they offered advice, information and networking opportunities for students; and were sources of support, encouragement and inspiration.

The mentors included professionals at all career stages – from new recruits in graduate programs to senior staff.

The mentors came from many professions and included a construction manager, zookeeper, fingerprint expert, park ranger, international program coordinator, UX consultants, environmental officers, website developers, all kinds of engineers, water specialists, researchers, recruiters and more.

Some mentors invited students to visit their workplaces and along to industry events. Other mentors reviewed resumes, gave job application guidance and offered career path suggestions.

Some mentors were able to offer their mentees roles in their companies as well.


"You never think that you have sufficient experience to help someone on their start, but we do – I found this to be true when talking about my experiences."

"This program gave me the opportunity to meet new people (other mentors and mentees), listen to some of the very inspiring stories/experiences and most importantly gave me confidence to network with people."

"I believe my mentee now has a clearer idea of the job application process and was also guided towards professional associations that may be of use to her.  I don't really think she had thought much about what her working life might look like after her graduation."

"I believe I was able to help my student in a number of different ways: giving her a good insight into the ... industry, what to expect etc.; how to go about increasing her knowledge and experience; providing new contacts in the industry; advising her of relevant volunteer and job opportunities; assisting and advising her on volunteer and job applications."

"… it was great to help … sort out her resume and suggest opportunities for employment that I found. Being able to share sources of information and assist with her queries was very rewarding."

For more information, please contact the WiSE Program Team on 02 4736 0761, wise@westernsydney.edu.au