Point of Community Nursing Care Documentation Health Outcomes Project (PONCHO)

Mobile computing technology is increasingly being adopted by healthcare organisations to promote information accessibility and support the communication needs of clinicians to provide the right information, about the right patient, at the right time, in the right place.

While handheld devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) have been popular because of their portability, the small screen size and limited software have limited their usefulness. The larger screen, longer battery life, optimal software, access to the internet, and ease of disinfection of tablet devices has increased the potential for clinicians to use these devices to access electronic medical record systems, particularly in Community Health where clinicians providing services in home settings have no real-time access to patient medical records.

Accessing client records in real-time at the point of care can potentially assist CHNs to make better informed and effective decisions by improving information access and use of clinical guidelines, enhancing workflow, and promoting evidence-based practice.

This project aims to examine:

  • Nurses' attitudes toward and acceptance of new technology, and their competence and skills to use the technology effectively can determine the success or failure of mobile computing technology; and
  • Patient's views regarding the use of mobile technology during clinical encounters.



Project Team:

Stokes M (Community Health Nursing SWSLHD), Waldon P (Community Nursing Services SWSLHD), Everett B (CANR), Salamonson Y (Western Sydney Univerity), Smith L (Liverpool Hospital Infection Prevention Unit SWSLHD), Langdon R (CANR)

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