Investigating structured interdisciplinary bedside rounding in the Emergency Department: A mixed method study (ISIBR-ED)

The aim of this project is to robustly explore the perceptions and interdisciplinary roles of handover in the Emergency Department, pre and post implementation of Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounding (SIBR), a new Clinical Excellence Commission project recommended for implementation across the state.

Utilising a mixed methods approach, approximately 500 handovers will be observed. Length of time will be recorded to assess the time impact of the current handover process. Leadership provided by the senior ED medical staff will also be assessed. Patient interviews, as well as staff focus groups, will also be conducted to gain an insight into patient and staff experiences during handover. Finally, medical, nursing and allied health staff will be invited to complete an online survey regarding their perception of patient safety and safety awareness in the department and the impact of handover on this perception.

Funding: $29976.20 General Managers Unit Liverpool Hospital

Project team: Spears, K. (Liverpool Hospital Emergency Department SWSLHD); Gharmraoui, S. (Liverpool Hospital SWSLHD); Pearson, S. (UTas School of Medicine); Watson, K. (Liverpool Hospital SWSLHD); Harrison, J. (Liverpool Hospital SWSLHD); Mares, M. (CANR); Alananzeh, I. (CANR); Everett, B. (CANR)

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