Patient Safety & Quality


The Centre for Applied Nursing Research (CANR) has collaborated with South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) to implement the Safewards project.

  • Safewards is a nursing model of care developed by Professor Len Bowers and colleagues in the UK designed to promote and improve communication between staff and consumers thereby reducing conflict and containment in mental health services.
  • Safewards has been successfully implemented in the UK, Canada, and, in Victoria, Australia.
  • Staff and consumers (including users, carers, family and support persons) are encouraged to work together to make the ward safer for everyone. ‘Safer’ means a calmer and more positive place
  • Safewards comprises ten mental health nursing interventions that have been shown to reduce behaviours or conflict that may result in harm to both consumers and staff by 25%.

Project team:

Tracy Tabvuma (SWSLHD), Geoff Dickens (CANR), Malcolm Stokes (SWSLHD), Lawrence Reeves (Consumer rep), Katherine Panagopolous (Consumer rep), Eunice Ambrosio (SWSLHD), Jennifer Azzopardi (SWSLHD)

Pictured:  Professor Mental Health Nursing Geoff Dickens with Safewards Project Officer Tracy Tabvuma.

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