Raising health literacy awareness of patients with heart disease to improve self-management: The RHYTHM study

The damaging effects on health communication and outcomes are compounded by low levels of health literacy and limited English-language proficiency that resulted to poor health care access and outcomes, and greater use of emergency departments. For people with heart disease, maintaining health requires more than an ability to read, understand and act on the information provided in order to make appropriate health decisions. This is known as health literacy. Given the important role health literacy plays in health outcomes, nurses need to be aware of the health literacy levels of their patients.

This study aims to understand how cardiovascular nurses and other health professionals support self-management for people with heart disease. Self-management is dependent upon interaction between patients and the healthcare provider, and the capacity of patients to understand health information is an important factor in the context of heart disease management. The study will also examine the relationship between low levels of health literacy and/or limited English-language proficiency and the levels of self-management among patients with heart disease.



Project Team:

Mares M (CANR), Everett B (CANR), Salamonson Y (CANR), Elmir R (CANR), Rajaratnam R (Clinical Director, Cardiovascular Stream, SWSLHD)

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