CANR Objectives

Our Objectives

  • Collaborate with and support clinicians to undertake research 
  • Seek opportunities to promote multidisciplinary research 
  • Undertake research that: reflects the clinical and services development priorities of SWSLDH; reflects the national and state health priorities; is relevant to health; and is in response to identified gaps in the evidence 
  • Develop evidence based guidelines 
  • Provide professional development for clinicians by conducting seminars, workshops and in-service education 
  • Promote research skills through secondment of clinicians/academics to work with the Centre for Applied Nursing Research team to complete specified projects 
  • Promote research skills/activities through collaboration with clinician researchers 
  • Disseminate research findings through publications in peer reviewed journals and conference presentations 
  • Support clinicians to implement and evaluate practice 
  • Evaluate the impact of frameworks, policies and guidelines on practice 
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