At CANR we aim to:

  • Generate knowledge through research 
  • Transfer knowledge generated through research into practice 
  • Promote the use of research 
  • Evaluate the uptake and impact of research in the clinical setting 
  • Collaborate with, and support clinicians to undertake research 

CANR has established an extensive program of nursing and midwifery research, education and postgraduate research training and supervision. We are working with clinicians in SWSLHD to:

  • Conduct research 
  • Develop evidence based guidelines and 
  • Promote best practice 

We work closely with the clinical facilities across SWSLHD and the majority of projects are in collaboration with clinicians. The CANR team is also active in the development and evaluation of evidence based guidelines.

As you will see from the projects listed on this web site, the staff working at CANR are experienced researchers with strong track records.

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