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Lily-Jean McNair

Student at Wattawa Heights Public School 

The Film Editing program is lots of fun! We worked on making characters for our film and creating a dance for them. We worked in groups of three and made a storyboard and skeletons of our characters. Then we filled out
our characters and started filming and editing.

I enjoyed participating in this program because it was work but it was really fun work!

It helped me in school because we had to finish all of our work and behave in class before we could participate.

This program has made a difference to my life because it has helped me with my English and maths skills. It has also given me something to enjoy at home as I can now make films as a hobby.

When I finish school I want to try and go to the Olympics as a walking athlete. I would also like to go to university to study PDHPE.

Adam Muller - Lily-Jean's Teacher


I thought the COMPASS Film Editing program was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in. It gave the kids skills that I wouldn't be able to provide them with. The program exposes students to a field that they don't normally think about. It gave them an insight into something that is very common in the world around us but they got to see from behind the lens.

Lily-Jean was very interested in the model making and was enthusiastic from the beginning; being able to create her own animation movie character really appealed to her. The program has also increased Lily-Jean's motivation and confidence.

Having these film making skills is something that I think she will be able to use for a long time in the future. It becomes not only something she can use in the classroom but also a hobby at home, as well as something she wants to do in the future. It's something she can feel confident in achieving.

Lesley McNair - Lily-Jean's Mother


My daughter really loves this program, it has made her much more motivated to achieve. Even at home she's becoming more involved and is continuing her activities from the program.

Lily-Jean has always strived to achieve at school, but this program seems to have made her want to achieve even more because she's found something she's interested in.

Lily-Jean's not quite sure what she wants to do in the future, but this program has made her think about a possible career in the movie industry. It has given her more confidence and really allowed her to come out of her shell.

I just hope that the program can continue in the future!

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