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Liam and Rhys Walker

Liam Walker - Student at Rooty Hill High School

In First Foot Forward you learn about university and what you can expect when you go there; you get to play games and study subjects. I thought it would be boring, but then it was exciting. We did physics and science stuff! Unfortunately I'm in high school now, so I don't get to do it again.

First Foot Forward also made me more comfortable in high school, because there are many links between high school and university and the subjects are similar.

I learned that there are many cool subjects at university and the program has helped me to plan my future. I learned that you don't have to be a star to do well, you just have to try.

Rhys Walker - Student at Dawson Public School

First Foot Forward teaches you that at university you can study anything you want from PE to engineering. I liked doing engineering, using bananas to make noise. The activities were really fun!

When I finish school I might go to university to study engineering and sports. I now have a better idea what university is. At university you don't just watch, you do things yourself. I was going to play in a soccer team after school; I might still do that but maybe after university.

I'm also more excited about high school because many of the university subjects are the same as those you do in high school, I now understand more about what to expect.

Alison McLennan - Rhys' Teacher


First Foot Forward introduces year 5 students to higher education and TAFE. Students visit a campus and meet university students. The program has introduced my students to new ideas, new concepts and the language of education. This language means they will be able to participate more in society.

Universities are often seen as quite distant closed off institutions, only for students with the best marks. First Foot Forward breaks down some of these barriers and shows that university is also about having a passion.

Rhys is hard-working and dedicated. I think the First Forward Program has helped him think about where he can go beyond school. He now draws connections between his learning, future high school subjects and university courses. I think it makes him more motivated.

Loretta Walker - Rhys' and Liam's Mother


I have two boys Rhys and Liam who both participated in the First Foot Forward program. When they came back from their campus visits they were excited and talked a great deal about what they had learned and how big a place university is. They really enjoyed it!

I think visiting university opened their eyes. I think it changed their thinking, before they didn't think university was for them.

I didn't study much myself as I left school at year 10. I didn't get the opportunity to go to university, the same as many in our community. Through the program our community, too, gets more exposure to university and becomes more interested in opportunities that are available.

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