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Ezdahaa Al-Sabahi

Student at Liverpool Girls High School 

Last year I was involved in the campus study skills workshops, where we would sit down with university students and they would talk about a variety of study skills and university in general. It was amazing! This year I was involved in the Scholarship writing workshop, where we were given really helpful insights into the do's and don'ts of applying for financial support.

After the workshops we chatted with the university students and they told us all about university life, how they got in, what they did in high school and how they chose their courses. This really pulled a switched in my head; I realised I will always need to work hard to achieve whether in school, university or at work, because in the end you get what you earn. That motivated me towards my studies at school.

Chatting with the students, I also realised that there are many ways of getting into university, different pathways and opportunities and that you can, for example, study part-time as well. Before the program I thought of university as just another school that you had to attend, I didn't realise how different it was. I have learned that it is about learning skills which you can apply at work, but also about meeting different people and the experience as a whole.

I'd love it if there were more programs like this; it has helped me and many others, too.

Many students here at my school didn't really have goals when they got into the program. They didn't know what they liked or what drives them. And they thought: if I don't know what I want why bother trying at all? But hearing other people's experiences, how they discovered what they wanted, that really got those students thinking: why don't I try this and find out what I want to do after?

Mira Dokmanovic - Careers Advisor at Liverpool Girls


I got to know Ezdahaa though her participation in the Compass programs. Ezdahaa has really enjoyed the program and got a lot out of it. I think the program has enhanced her confidence and her ability in English, in particular. She has become more aware of her skills and is able to apply what she learned during the workshops to her studies at school. Her motivation to go to university has increased.

The workshops which are held at the university are especially a great step for our students as they get to know the campus and meet university students, many not much older than themselves. These students become positive role models. It demystifies higher education and brings across that university is in fact more achievable than our students think.

Our school is really proud to be associated with Bridges to Higher Education programs. They promote a link between the schools and universities and we hope this partnership will continue into the future.

Helen Forbes -  Ezdahaa's Teacher


Ezdahaa is very immersed and invested in her work and motivated to do well. She is the oldest in her family so it is all on her and she is nervous about that. I can see that the program has helped her overcome her nervousness; she just needed that little bit more encouragement to step into a new world.

Ezdahaa really enjoyed the Compass programs, being with University students and picturing herself in the future. I can see the very positive effect the program has had on her skills and confidence.

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