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Anthony Ladewig

Student at the University of Technology, Sydney

I'm currently studying engineering; in high school I participated in the U@Uni HSC Tutorial program, which meant I received extra tutoring sessions in preparation for my HSC.

I can't deny that my performance was boosted through the tutoring sessions, and as my essay writing improved I was able to write longer pieces. The tutoring sessions were fairly laid back and relaxed, it was a great learning environment. Also learning from someone who had recently been through high school really helped me.

The program also helped me broaden my perspective on university and gave me a more positive opinion of it. Asking Cathleen questions about what university was like relieved all the anxiety I felt about coming here. Before I had been really anxious and nervous because I didn't know what it would be like. How do I get into university? What will the people be like? Will I be good enough?

The discussions with Cathleen were really helping me to think about what I want to do and that's how I ended up where I am today. Other students in my school were also encouraged through the program to take any opportunities made available.

Despite all my worries, coming to university has really fulfilled my hopes and my worries just kind of disappeared.

Now I'm working for the HSC Tutorial program alongside Cathleen. Going back to my high school and other schools brings back a lot of memories; seeing the students they remind me of myself when I was younger. My biggest wish is to pass on the advice and support I received though the program. I just hope this program continues for many years to come!

Cathleen Phimdert - Anthony's Tutor


I'm a third year student here at UTS and I met Anthony through the U@Uni HSC Tutorial Program, as one of his tutors.

Anthony was a very intelligent student when I first met him, but we had to encourage him. Initially he outright refused essay writing when we started as part of the tutorials; he just didn't want to write three or four pages.

I would like to think that through the tutorial program Anthony has improved his marks and the program has helped him gain access to the course he wanted to do.

I also found that through the tutoring sessions Anthony was really able to focus and find the direction he wanted to take. The program allowed him to ask questions and find out what he wanted to do. For some sessions I took in pamphlets and university course guides, as even though a lot of this information is online, often students don't know where to find it.

I find that the program changes how students in schools see and think about university and higher education. Often students don't know who to talk to about further education; as perhaps their parents may not know much about further education, or they feel embarrassed to ask teachers; so having someone their age like us helps.

I've been working for the program for years, because I attended a school in South West Sydney myself and I know what is like to face these barriers. I believe the program really makes a difference in the schools and for the students.

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