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New online resources for teachers to encourage higher education participation

Free curriculum mapped teacher resources now available at

The Bridges to Higher Education consortium has developed a range of free online curriculum materials to help teachers improve academic outcomes and encourage and prepare students for further. These are available to teachers free of charge on the Make Your Mark website.

Bridges to Higher Education is a partnership of five NSW Universities (University of Technology, Sydney, Macquarie University, University of Western Sydney, The University of Sydney and the Australian Catholic University) and 15 other partners working to build the participation of students from under represented communities in higher education, and providing professional development to teachers across NSW.

The resources, created by primary and secondary teachers and careers advisors, cover a range of Bridges initiatives:

Models of Achievement and Indigenous Models of Achievement

What: Two television series featuring 30 inspiring stories from determined Australians pursuing a career through higher education.

Who: Aimed at students aged 14 years old and up, they demonstrate the pathways to higher education taken by people from diverse backgrounds who have been successful in pursuing their goals.

Resources: Each episode is mapped to Stages 4 to 6 of the current Australian Curriculum and NSW Board of Studies Teaching Standards and covers curriculum outcomes as well as cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities. For each episode, suggested classroom activities relevant for each stage are included as well as resources for teacher and student research. The resources provide teachers with a curriculum road map from Years 7 to 12, showing where relevant activities fit within the various syllabus areas and stages they are teaching.

Enquiring Minds

What: An inspirational television series, encouraging young people to turn their passion into a career through higher education. Episodes feature young students talking about their interests - e.g. animals, robots, computer games - and links them with an academic or researcher who explains how he or she turned that hobby into a career. The 21 episodes feature a diverse range of interests, which provide strong starting points that will get children thinking about their futures.

Who: Aimed at primary and early secondary school students.

Resources: Activities are linked to the latest national curriculum outcomes and provide a curriculum road map from Years 3 to 10 showing where episodes fit within the various syllabus areas and stages, including resource sites for further reference and research.

Each episode has been mapped to Stages 2 to 5 of the current Australian Curriculum and NSW Board of Studies Teaching Standards, covering curriculum outcomes as well as cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities.

Each episode is available online, along with a profile of an expert in the field, suggested classroom activities relevant for each stage with worksheets included for Stages 2 and 3 and a certificate of achievement to hand out to students on completion of the activities.

The Virtual Classroom

What: A video series that takes students and their teachers on virtual visits to university lectures and puts them in touch with university researchers, academics and industry professionals. The videos increase students' awareness, confidence and motivation towards higher education, with numerous sessions to support the curriculum and raise capacity through teacher professional learning.

Who: Aimed at senior students, The Virtual Classroom is a schools engagement project that utilises technology to build capacity, raise awareness and motivation, and provide academic enrichment to schools with low rates of participation in higher education.

Resources: A series of filmed lectures and tutorials over a wide range of topics.

Resources for talking to parents

As all teachers well know, support from parents or carers is crucial when young people make important decisions about their future. If parents have no experience of university life it is sometimes hard to answer the multitude of questions they have about what their child may face.

A series of videos and downloadable information sheets are provided in a range of languages to help teachers and career advisors deal with some of the frequently asked questions that parents often have.

"The free resources that we have developed ensures that teachers wherever they may be can benefit from the Bridges projects," said Annette Cairnduff, Chair of the Bridges to Higher Education consortium. "We wanted to make sure that teachers all around NSW and Australia could utilise the work that Bridges to Higher Education has produced."

All the teaching materials can be found on the Make your Mark website(opens in new window)Opens in a new window.


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