Scholarships are not only for academically gifted students or students who have financial hardship. Western Sydney University has a range of scholarships available for new and continuing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Indigenous students are also welcome to apply for all Western Sydney University Scholarships. In addition to scholarships offered by the University, there are also a range of external opportunities available.

Many students require financial support while attending university. So if you need financial assistance, check through the links below to find out more about the range of different scholarships available to you, and start applying today.

Western Sydney University Scholarships

Western Sydney University has a wide range of scholarships available for our prospective and current students, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. These scholarships fall into one of three categories:

Group A: Western Sydney University Funded Scholarships (opens in a new window)
All (Group A) University funded scholarships require the recipient to either reside in and/or have undertaken their Higher School Certificate (HSC) or International Baccalaureate (IB) within Greater Western Sydney (opens in a new window).

Group B Scholarships: Donor Funded Scholarships (opens in a new window)
The University annually awards donor funded scholarships, providing support for students based on both academic achievement and equity considerations. This funding is made possible through the generous support of our donors, who may be an alumnus, business, individual, Council or other organisation with an interest in Western Sydney University.

Group C Scholarships: Commonwealth Scholarships (opens in a new window)
This group includes scholarships that are funded by the Commonwealth of Australia, or an Australian State or Territory.

There are several scholarships offered exclusively for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, such as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Achievement Scholarship (opens in a new window), Commonwealth Indigenous Education Costs Scholarship (opens in a new window), Indigenous Access Scholarship (opens in a new window) and Indigenous Smart Start Grant (opens in a new window). There are also a range of donor funded scholarships available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

You can use the Find a Scholarship (opens in a new window) tool to determine which scholarships you may be eligible for. For more information about Western Sydney University Scholarships, and to apply, please visit the Scholarships website (opens in a new window), or email

Equity Scholarships

Equity scholarships are specifically designed to help students struggling to meet the costs associated with studying at university. To be eligible for an equity scholarship, you must be able to demonstrate financial hardship which may be due to low-income, difficult family circumstances, living in a rural or remote area and/or the effect of extra costs associated with disability or medical condition(s).

Country Education Foundation

The 2015 Guide to Scholarships: Financial Assistance for Rural and Regional Students: Indigenous (opens in a new window) is now available, and contains a general list of scholarships available at partner universities, including links to their websites.

External Scholarships - Indigenous Scholarship Site

The Indigenous Scholarship site contains over 300 scholarships for undergraduate study, with more then 100 postgraduate scholarships available in Australia and overseas, designed for Indigenous students. Access the Indigenous Scholarships site (opens in a new window).