Mentoring Programs

Western Sydney University is pleased to provide mentoring programs that support local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students.

The Pathways to Dreaming program offers mentoring opportunities for our students and alumni to support and encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Greater Western Sydney high schools to develop and achieve educational, personal and professional skills and goals.

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) is an educational program that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through high school and into university, employment or further education.

Both programs incorporate academic and Aboriginal cultural enrichment, life skills enhancement and exploration of higher education and other worthwhile post-school options. Pathways to Dreaming mentors visit mentees in their school environments, whereas AIME will see high school students come to the University for mentoring sessions. Some high schools will be offered AIME Tutor Squads comprising University mentors, which will visit the high school once a week to assist high school students with their homework.

Mentoring opportunities are open to all Western Sydney University students (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) with Pathways to Dreaming and AIME.

Both programs offer our students the opportunity to:

  • Develop personal and professional skills, with full training provided
  • Build the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students and support them in achieving their dreams
  • Assist students with the transition to university, TAFE or employment
  • Learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
  • Gain experience which will enhance your CV
  • Develop an insight into seeing partcipants benefit from the programs
  • Create networks and new friendships.