Anne Dwyer

Research Student

Research Program: Speech and Language
Anne Dwyer 2

Thesis Title

Social influences on early language experience and infant vocabulary development

Research Project

How much we talk to our babies, and how we talk to them, can influence how easily they learn our language. Studies of older infants and children have shown that family social factors play a role.

We are studying the home language environments of young infants, starting before they are talking, through the period when they are learning to talk. We want to find out how language experiences at home differ amongst young infants from varying family backgrounds, and how those differences may be related to later language development.


Bachelor of Psychology (Hons 1), Western Sydney University


  • MARCS Research Assistant
  • Psychology Tutor

Contact Anne
Phone+61 2 9772 6589
LocationWestern Sydney University Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)