Dr Karen Mattock and MARCS BabyLab featured on ninemsn


MARCS BabyLab researcher Dr Karen Mattock was recently featured in an article published on ninemsn.

Titled "Babies' brains rehearse months before first words spoken", the article discusses research findings that suggest babies practice speaking in their minds long before they talk.

Dr Mattock told ninemsn the study shows how important the caregiver's speech is to an infant, one of the many themes explored in MARCS BabyLab research.

"This is important because it shows how important the caregiver's speech is to the infant. They're learning about the sounds and how you make those sounds."

Dr Mattock also said that infant-directed speech or "baby-talk", with a sing-song intonation and stretching out words, actually teaches infants a lot about how to speak.

"That exaggerated speech holds their attention for learning about the sound".

Dr Mattock investigates language development with particular focus on speech perception and babbling in infancy and word learning in infants, children and adults using phonetic, constraints, socio-pragmatic, cross-situational, and sound-symbolic approaches.

You can find out more about research conducted at MARCS BabyLab by visiting our research page.