Dr Karen Mattock talks language development in Early Educator magazine


MARCS BabyLab researcher Dr Karen Mattock recently gave an interview to digital magazine Early Educator.

Published in issue seven (July 2014) of the digital magazine for iTunes, Dr Mattock discusses the kind of research that takes place at MARCS BabyLab, explains how infants and children learn words, and talks about the role of the early educator in facilitating language development.

Dr Mattock also explains how parents can get their children involved in research at MARCS BabyLab.

"The way we speak to young children is very important but the good news is that we adjust the way we speak to infants and children without even realising," explained Dr Mattock in the interview.

"It's an unconscious modification that is universal across languages. The fact is there are so many documented benefits to this special speech style."

Early Educator magazine is available through Newsstand on iTunes, and is designed for Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

The digital magazine is a resource targeted at childcare educators and preschool teachers, and includes topics like using technology in child care, teaching apps for the iPad, interactive video guides and current articles from industry experts.

Dr Mattock investigates language development with particular focus on speech perception and babbling in infancy and word learning in infants, children and adults using phonetic, constraints, socio-pragmatic, cross-situational, and sound-symbolic approaches.

You can find out more about research conducted at MARCS BabyLab by visiting our research page.