BabyLab at Kingswood welcomes its first research participant

The MARCS Institute and the School of Social Sciences and Psychology (SSAP) were recently pleased to welcome the first baby to take part in an infant research study at BabyLab at Kingswood.

Nine month-old Frederick Mertin became the first ever baby to visit BabyLab at Kingswood on Wednesday 14 January 2015.

BabyLab at Kingswood is a brand new infant research centre at Western Sydney University, which is jointly operated by MARCS Institute and SSAP.

It is a new location of the original BabyLab situated at Bankstown campus, where researchers have been conducting world-class infancy research for over 15 years.

Baby Frederick attended BabyLab at Kingswood to participate in a research study being run between University of Western Sydney, Lancaster University (UK) and Sunway University (Malaysia).

The study is looking at whether 6- and 9-month old infants learning English are sensitive to a variety of speech sounds including consonants, vowels, and tones, and is conducted by MARCS and SSAP researchers Karen Mattock, Denis Burnham and Marina Kalashnikova.

Following the research, Frederick received his Master of BabyLab Studies certificate, which was presented to him by BabyLab Leader Marina Kalashnikova.

MARCS Institute Director, Professor Jonathan Tapson, and SSAP Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Brian Stout, were also present to welcome and congratulate baby Frederick.

BabyLab Leader Marina Kalashnikova said the opening of BabyLab at Kingswood would provide an opportunity to invite many more families who live in the area to take part in our research.

"We are very excited about the opening of this new location of the BabyLab because it gives us the opportunity to invite many more families who live in the area to take part in our research."

"This brand new facility that hosts state of the art equipment will allow our researchers and students to introduce new studies and research topics to further investigate how young babies acquire language and learn about the world".

Former MARCS Institute Director, Professor Denis Burnham, and School of Social Sciences and Psychology Dean, Professor Kevin Dunn, jointly signed an agreement to establish BabyLab at Kingswood in October 2014.

A selection of photos from Frederick's visit to BabyLab at Kingswood can be viewed below.

 Baby Frederick playing in the BabyLab waiting room.

 Baby Frederick participating in our infant research at BabyLab at Kingswood.

 BabyLab Research Assistant Candice Michael monitoring Frederick from the BabyLab control room.

 BabyLab Leader Marina Kalashnikova presenting Frederick with his Master of BabyLab Studies certificate.

 BabyLab Leader Marina Kalashnikova, MARCS Director Jonathan Tapson, Baby Frederick and mum, and SSAP Deputy Dean Brian Stout.

 SSAP Deputy Dean Brian Stout, MARCS Director Jonathan Tapson, and BabyLab Leader Marina Kalashnikova outside the new BabyLab at Kingswood site.