Team profile: School of Science and Health MyVoice Working Group

MyVoice School of Science and Health team
Who is in the team?

Our team consists of a mix of academics and professional staff from the School of Science and Health: Amit Arora, Carol Atkins, Julien Brugniaux, Liza Cubeddu, Chris Derry, Hayley Green, Steve Marsh, Freya MacMillan, Kate McBride, Oliver Morton, Leanne Potts, Jason Reynolds and Colin Stack.    

What aspect of MyVoice feedback are you working on?
We identified key themes from the last MyVoice survey results and used these as a framework to examine the open comments made by both the professional and academic staff on the survey. A report from this analysis was fed back to our School Executive to consider.

What does the team do?
The team was tasked with identifying key issues from the MyVoice survey and to come up with suggestions to improve on these areas within the school.

Who does the team work with?
Initially we worked with the Office of Organisational Development and recently have been working with the School of Science and Health Executive team.

What would be a good example of the work that you are involved in?
We have been focussing strongly on improving staff morale and wellbeing in the School of Science and Health by suggesting solutions to workload issues and addressing school staff feedback.

What challenges does the team face?
Some of the feedback on the MyVoice survey was about University- wide issues, which are difficult for us to have an impact on; however, we have been able to make suggestions for the School's Executive team to consider.

What is the team focusing on in the next 12 months?
The MyVoice committee has met all of its objectives; however, individually we will be continuing to improve the staff experience in the school wherever we can.