A day in the life of… Joanne Lind

Joanne Lind
Joanne Lind is an Associate Professor in Molecular Biology and Genetics (School of Medicine) and is also Head of The Academy (Acting). She has worked at Western Sydney University for nine years, commencing as a Lecturer in Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2007.

Before Work

What do you have for breakfast and is there anything you do before you come to work?
My day starts with toast for breakfast and making sure my children have eaten and are dressed before they leave for preschool/school.

What do you do usually do when you arrive?
Smile and say hello to my colleagues as I pass them in the corridor.

At Work

What classes do you teach?
I teach into the first two years of the medical program within the School of Medicine. I also teach two units for The Academy, namely, 'Research Stories' and 'Logic, Rhetoric and Argumentation'.

What are the two or three most important things you are currently working on?

  1. Research: I am working on a new screening test for coeliac disease using epigenetics, with my colleagues and research students.
  2. Teaching: I have been working on ways to improve assessment within the School of Medicine; in particular, the way we capture and store assessment information.
  3. The Academy: I have been involved in developing the curriculum for the Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking and building on existing programs for community engagement activities and professional development.

What regular meetings do you attend?
For the School of Medicine: I regularly attend the Assessment Committee, Curriculum Committee, and Year 1 & 2 Management Committee. These meetings ensure we are providing the best quality education for our medical students.

For The Academy: I attend regular planning meetings. These meetings ensure that The Academy units are of high quality and we are offering valuable opportunities to extend the skills of our students.

What is something that can make a positive difference to your day?
An email from a student that demonstrates that I have taught them something or that thanks me for assisting them in some way.

After Work

What might we find you doing outside of work?
You might find me playing netball, reading novels and once a month catching up with some of my friends at our (very informal) book club.