Team profile: MyVoice Supporting New Staff Working Group

MyVoice Supporting New Staff Working Group

The MyVoice Supporting New Staff Working Group has been busy responding to the feedback you provided in the 2012 MyVoice Staff Engagement Survey, implementing improvements to the new staff experience.

Who is in the team?

  • Jonathon Allen (Chair) School of Humanities and Communication Arts
  • Heidi Bjering, Lecturer, School of Computing, Engineering and Maths
  • Jacqueline Clements, School Manager, School of Social Sciences and Psychology
  • Sue Craig (Co-Chair), University Librarian
  • Kylie Docker, School Administrative Officer, School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Diana Jefferies, Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Kelly Lanfranca, Project Officer, Organisational Development
  • Phillip Marler, Consultant, Organisational Development
  • Lauren Marsh, Manager, HR Support Services, Office of People and Culture
  • Samantha Owens, HR Advisor, Capital Works and Facilities
  • Gillian Relph, Relocations Consultant, Office of People and Culture 
  • Abigail Srinivasan, Consultant, Organisational Development

What does the Supporting New Staff Working Group do?

The Working Group is focused on improving the "new staff experience". Through informal focus groups, workshops and surveys of our peers, we know that our staff value a personal welcome when starting a new job. The working group has developed some new resources to help new staff feel supported and connected, and give new staff more information so they can quickly engage with their work and their colleagues. Helping staff feel prepared for their new roles demonstrates UWS core values through our welcome process.

Who does the Supporting New Staff Working Group team work with?

The Supporting New Staff Working Group has heard from a wide cross-section of staff through the MyVoice Staff Engagement Survey and has worked closely with the Office and People and Culture and Office of Organisational Development to implement action items resulting from your feedback.

What would be a good example of the work that you are involved in? 

The group has reviewed and improved the UWS Welcome Pack, with all new starters now set to receive a compendium of useful information including a welcome letter from the Vice-Chancellor, reference guides to help orient new staff, a name badge, a USB stick and a coffee voucher. The Welcome Pack is designed to assist new staff to transition into UWS quicker by providing information directly relevant to their first weeks on the job.

What challenges does the team face?

Although the spread of our staff over six campuses makes it difficult to implement new initiatives, the group has made the most of existing connections to ensure that we have someone "on the ground" at every campus. We have also worked closely with the Human Resources Strategy and Services unit, which has been key to our success in getting our ideas rolled out to every new starter.

What is the team focusing on in the next 12 months?

The group is developing guidelines for a peer induction or 'buddy' program to provide a more personal introduction to UWS and assist new employees in establishing a professional network. We're also working on electronic guides for new staff containing information specific to their campus and their School or Unit. The group will finish its work towards the end of 2014 as UWS begins preparation for the second MyVoice survey.