Student interviews Vice-Chancellor Barney Glover

Lakshmi Logathassan, a second-year Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Laws student, recently interviewed the Vice-Chancellor and found out what he studied at uni, what he likes most about UWS, what he couldn't live without and his top three priorities for the next couple of years. 

"UWS is lucky to have a Vice-Chancellor who is so friendly and personable, and willing to talk to students like he did in the interview," says Lakshmi. "I have spoken with other students who have met the Vice-Chancellor and they have said the same."

Lakshmi has briefly met the Vice-Chancellor a couple of times in the past. After being named 2014 NSW Young Woman of the Year, Lakshmi was invited to speak at the University's launch of its 25th anniversary celebrations. 

"Filming the interview with the Vice-Chancellor has reinforced that everyone at UWS has a genuine passion in ensuring that students at UWS have a great environment to learn and thrive in," says Lakshmi.