Couple ties the knot at UWS

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Caption: Saad Nagi and Sumaiya Shaikh on their wedding day. Photos courtesy of Deirdre Grace Photography

With lush, sprawling lawns and manicured gardens, the beautiful grounds of Campbelltown campus recently became the setting for a UWS wedding.

Saad Nagi and Sumaiya Shaikh met at Campbelltown campus during a science experiment. Saad has been researching pain as his PhD and postdoctoral work over the past six years, and Sumaiya was a study participant who was studying her undergraduate degree at the time.

Saad recalls what he remembers about first meeting Sumaiya: "What stood out for me was Sumaiya's irresistible urge and passion to learn… She has an ability to appreciate the little things in life; things that most of us often take for granted. This was infectious as she has made me appreciate the beauty of life and the happiness that can be drawn from little pleasures."

As both Saad and Sumaiya work and study at UWS, what better place to tie the knot than at Campbelltown campus, where they met? Surrounded by their friends and family, Saad and Sumaiya married on a beautiful sunny Sunday in August.

"The beauty and grandeur of the landscape weren't the only reasons we chose Campbelltown campus for our ceremony," says Saad. "It was also because our journey of love began here, we both study and work here, and we have been generously supported by friends and colleagues alike on this campus. A celebration on the campus in the presence of such wonderful people was a small token of our appreciation for their contributions."

"I am now doing my PhD in pain physiology and Saad is working in the same research group, and we work together on similar topics," says Sumaiya. "This campus has had a huge role to play in our personal and professional lives. This is our home in many ways."

Congratulations, Saad and Sumaiya!