A Day in the Life of ... Glenn Stone

A Day in the Life of ... Glenn Stone


Glenn Stone

Glenn Stone is an Associate Professor of Statistics in the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics and has worked at UWS since April 2011.

Here is a look at a ‘Day in the Life’ of Glenn:

Before Work

I usually have toast and tea for breakfast. I have three kids so my mornings consist of wrangling them, as well as eating breakfast and making lunches. I’ll then take a shower and get ready for work.

I try to cycle to UWS as often as I can. It makes my day when I can cycle to and from work, without it raining or without fear of a car running me over.

At Work

I teach the unit Statistics for Business. I have a Masters student in Biostatistics and a PhD student in Bioinformatics. Whenever I can I help higher degree research students with their statistics.

I am working on some new methods for analysing complex experiments that use flow cytometry. I have just started some research into methods using wavelets to analyse signals/images with non-normal noise. I am also involved in developing a new postgraduate qualification.

On Mondays, the mathematicians on the Parramatta South campus have an informal lunchtime talk. To date this has been about semi-groups and other mathematical topics that can sometimes leave my head spinning!

I am also involved in a peer-review committee, offering advice on the statistical designs of planned studies.

After Work

When I get home I enjoy seeing my family (my children are aged six months, seven and 12 years) and it is a real treat to be able to have five minutes of peace and quiet...