60 seconds with ... Rita Jaber Youssef

60 seconds with ... Rita Jaber Youssef


Rita Jaber Youssef

Rita Jaber Youssef is the Executive Assistant to the Director and Senior Development Manager for UWS Development, the University’s fundraising office.

Her role has a heavy focus on managing calendars and meetings but is also very focused on organising all of the events run by the office. These events range from acknowledgement functions for major donors with 10–20 people, to the annual ‘Recognising our Supporters’ function with 60–100 people, including donors and supporters of the University.

Rita is also a keen supporter of the UWS Staff Giving program.
‘I feel very strongly about giving to organisations or causes that I believe in. Staff Giving makes the process of giving so simple and hassle free and allows me to donate regularly. It gives me a sense of belonging to a group of individuals who also give,’ says Rita.

‘I personally feel that I have been so blessed in my life in all aspects. Sometimes we take things for granted so giving is a reminder that there are people out there that are less fortunate and very deserving of all the assistance we can provide. It’s very rewarding, plus there are also some great tax benefits,’ says Rita.

Here is 60 seconds (and a bit) with Rita:

1. How long have you worked at UWS and what’s the best thing about working here?
I have been at UWS for just over three years and I’ve really enjoyed it. One of the most rewarding things about working here is that I am part of an office that is creating opportunities – opportunities for students by raising funds for scholarships for those who are less fortunate and would otherwise be unable to attend university, and for academic positions that give UWS the opportunity to make its mark as a university.

2. Which campus are you based on?
I am based on the Parramatta South campus.

3. What is your favourite place on one of the UWS campuses and why?
I was very privileged to work in the Female Orphan School for three years and I love the building. Not only is it a beautiful building, its historic link to Western Sydney is fascinating.

I also love the UWS Medical School on the Campbelltown campus. We work very closely with the School of Medicine staff and raise funds for various academic positions, projects, scholarships etc. It’s wonderful to be able to see our work put into action and our students learning from some of the best lecturers and research staff. The building itself is also amazing.

4. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A Police Officer.

5. What was your first job?
I was the State Disability Sports Coordinator working for the NSW Sports Federation and NSW Sport and Recreation.

6. If you could go to just one country in the world for a vacation, which country would it be and why?
France! The fashion, the food and the furniture are all amazing. The scenery and the history is also so fascinating.

7. What is your favourite book, movie and/or album?
My favourite book is Princess by JP Sasson. It is a book that allegedly tells the true story of a Saudi Princess (through her eyes) who rebels against her culture and strives to expose the Saudi royal family for their mistreatment of women through many anecdotes. I don’t necessarily believe every word but it was a great read!

My favourite movie is Dirty Dancing, I’ve watched it over 100 times!

8. If you could invite anyone to dinner who would it be and why?
Albert Einstein – I wouldn’t mind picking his brains!

UWS Staff Giving is our workplace giving program, providing you with a simple, tax effective way to make a difference to our community.

Through UWS Staff Giving you can make automated, regular donations from your pre-tax salary to support UWS students and our charity partners.

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