Communicate and consult

Communication and consultation with external and internal stakeholders should take place during all stages of the risk management process.

Communication and consultation with stakeholders is important as they make judgements about risk based on their perceptions of risk. These perceptions can vary due to differences in values, needs, assumptions, concepts and concerns of stakeholders. As their views can have a significant impact on the decisions made, the stakeholders' perceptions should be identified, recorded, and taken into account in the decision making process.

The Office of Audit and Risk Assessment maintains continuous dialogue with Western Sydney University units/ Schools regarding any issues on risk management via regular meetings with staff with designated risk management functions such as the Workplace Health and Safety Unit, Office of Campus Safety and Security, Environment and Risk Management unit and IT Security and risk units, etc.

The Risk Management Policy (PDF, 20.99 KB) (opens in a new window) has also been developed to provide a framework to define risk management roles and responsibilities among staff. This is to ensure that those accountable for implementing the risk management process and stakeholders understand the basis on which decisions are made, and the reasons why particular actions are required.

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