Alumni Careers

Western’s Job Match lets the job come to you

Once you create your profile on Western’s Job Match, the right opportunities will continue to come to you throughout your work life.

You will be matched to a range of full time, part time and contract opportunities that suit your skills, experience and qualifications.

You can then apply, knowing that you’ve got what it takes to be in the running as you’ve been invited to apply.

If you haven’t already, register and create your profile today!

Alumni Access to CareerHub

CareerHub is the ultimate online jobs noticeboard for students and graduates. There are hundreds of exclusive job opportunities uploaded on CareerHub every month, ranging from part-time and casual work, to graduate programs and unique internship opportunities.

Furthermore, with a range of helpful career guides, CareerHub can help build up your portfolio!

To obtain access to CareerHub, join Gradlife now, and tick "yes" to join CareerHub.

For any enquiries regarding Internship, Careers, and CareerHub, please contact Careers directly.

To view all of the current job opportunities within the University, visit the University Employment page.